Andreea Năstase : Work I've done and I'm interested in
Andreea Năstase

Andreea Năstase


I'm a software developer in the Netherlands. Prior to that I spent 12 years solving product, process, and brand challenges for companies big and small in the UK and USA. I love projects that allow me to learn new things, and improve people's lives through technology.

Code Things

  • _ Atlassian: Implemented a sticky notes app for Confluence, the one thing it was missing, taking the humble textarea to places it's never been before. Soon in a project near you.
  • _ React: Built a battleship game when the lockdown started in order to figure out React (and make dad proud just because we played a lot of it when I was a kid). Wrote about traps I fell into as well as discoveries made along the way in a separate post.
  • _ Static sites and CSS frameworks: Experimented (and continue to) with Next.js and Vercel for this site as well as Ghost and Netlify while taking a detour into the world of privacy-minded analytics. Trying my best not to write blog posts about SSGs.
  • _ Design systems: Had an itch to see whether CSS-in-JS is either the best or worst thing in the world by establishing a design system via styled-components and styled-system. Left with an appreciation of Tachyons, Styled System and <Box> all the things, as well as Tailwind's UI design theory.
  • Programming basics. Slowly working my way through How to Design Programs (HTDP).
Product Lead · Rainforest QA San Francisco
A globally distributed, series B SaaS platform for manual and automated testing

Led a mostly remote team of 9 people tasked with results quality from the crowd of testers at the heart of the app. Proud to have made the platform more reliable for teams who depended on us, reducing quality-related churn to less than 2% of our ARR and paving the way for human-in-the-loop automation.

  • Made test results more actionable. Tightened the end-to-end results workflow, from coupling test runs to builds triggered via CI tools, making it easier for testers to work on our VMs with fewer errors, and for clients to review and share results. This led to two-thirds of our clients engaging with 70% of their failed results and categorizing or sharing them with their teams.
  • Helped my team become the best performing team in the company on several metrics that were not BS, i.e. our capacity to ship and learn Established a new meeting cadence and less insane ways of working that prioritized deep work, blameless retros, and refactoring code so it sparked joy.
  • Built the expertise and credibility of the product team within the company. Made our process more rigorous, revamped our planning sessions and the company-wide feature request process.

I’m even prouder of the positive impact we had on thousands of people around the world who improved their lives by earning money through our platform.

Strategy Lead · Publicis · Poke London
A digital experiences, communication and e-commerce agency

Launched several web and mobile experiences for global and UK clients during the company’s integration with global network Publicis, mostly working for UBS Wealth Management following a rebrand. Highlights:

  • Led the redesign of the global wealth management website : slimmed the site down to 5 sections and 50 pages (from over 2,000), and changed the way the bank talked about its services, which lead to improved form conversion and visitor satisfaction.
  • Launched Nobel Perspectives, a microsite featuring interviews with Nobel laureates in economics. Developed a strategy, positioning, and site architecture for the economically-dense content.

  • 2012-2013: Strategist at London Strategy Unit, London (now Great State), a product strategy consultancy. Highlights include helping British MooC provider FutureLearn drive 650,000 signups to 1.4 million courses in under 12 months by helping them identify, understand, and target learners most likely to complete their studies.
  • 2010-2012: Strategist at JWT Manchester (now CheethamBell). Worked on mechanics and content for a Facebook game that attracted 20,000 people, back when it was a young and innocent platform.
  • 2005-2007: Copywriter at Leo Burnett Romania. Cut my teeth in the industry when I started working at 16.